The Gamifiction of James Joyce's seminal work, Ulysses.

Over the course of the Fall 2016 semester, we designed and are continuing to build our immersive 3D VR experience of the novel. We explore and evaluate Ulysses in a way that no one has yet done. 21 students from several depts. of Boston College came together for this seminar. Using the literary knowledge of our English students, the creative direction of our Art students, Liam Weir doing his thing, and the technical skill of the CS students, we are building a project that will show Joyce’s world in a way unlike any other.
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Unsupervised image matching

Final Project for CSCI 3383 Algorithms

Project description: You have to develop an algorithm that given a query image finds the “closest” entries to it on a dataset of images.
Our program works in two parts. First we extract features from all of the images in the dataset, and then add them to a LSH, which "is an algorithm for solving the approximate or exact Near Neighbor Search in high dimensional spaces." See MIT for more on that. Then, we extract the same feature from an image in the the query set, and then query the LSH to retrieve neighbors. Check out our repo for more info and our final submission and paper.


Simpsons RNN Markov

Final Project for CSCI 3345 Machine Learning

In this project our goal was to apply and compare two methods of Procedural Content Generation to the task of generating new and unique natural language samples. Markov Chains are considered one of the simpler approaches to procedural content generation and can be used as a benchmark for other methods, as they construct a large probability function which characterizes sequences in media in order to recreate samples (Rowe)

The second method, is using Recurrent Neural Networks. RNN based character level approach was shown to produce realistic results, and similar to the work of Markov Models, RNNs have also been applied to the novel task of producing Additional refinements to the model have also been explored, including an approach we used here, the use of Long Short-term Memory RNN for sequence generation.


Other Projects

A repo for my Git Repos


My personal assistant. (Major work in progress). Built using Raspberry Pi 3, Jasper, and Facebook Messenger. More to come. (The link should 404 the repo is currently private)

Gutenberg Book Recommender System

The final project for CSCI 3390 Topics in CS (Big Data), This project aims to classify texts based solely on content, and to form book recommendations using punctuation profiles, author name, book metadata, and content clustering using KNN, KMeans, and OLS regression.

Exercism Solutions

Way back when, I did these to prepare for interviews. I'll probably go back and fix these.

Object Oriented Design

These are all the assignments from my object oriented design course. Well, most of them, it needs to be updated.

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